Galixsys Hub is a stand-alone application that performs the routing and world management functions of the Galixsys Communicator platform. It is currently freely available as a stand-alone Android application. Galixsys Hub allows an administrator to setup and manage their own messaging community on their own Android device. Setup is straight forward and accessible to anyone with even a basic understand of network operations. A user who has hosted an on-line game should have the expertise to setup their own Hub. Hub administrators create their own “World” via Galixsys Hub and may invite others who have the Galixsys Communicator messaging application (a separate app) to join their “World”. All traffic between all world members may be fully encrypted and is routed through hub directly to each other without the use of any 3rd party service. While messages or data may be cached when members are off-line, no data is permanently stored on Galixsys Hub. This reduces significantly the opportunity for any third-party to mine or otherwise have access to what should be personalized data or messages.

Galixsys Hub Options

Galixsys Hub is currently available only as a native Android application. To acquire and setup the native Android application, please go to the Overview section.

In the future, Galixsys Hub will be available on other systems and devices.